Updated Occupancy Limits & Workplace Covid Standards

Here is some helpful information on current occupancy restrictions and workplace Covid safety standards. Download these 2-page PDF documents for details.

Quick Guide: OCCUPANCY LIMITS in MA COVID Standards
Updated for Gathering Order for 50 persons outdoors 8/11/2020

This Quick Guide summarizes the occupancy restrictions in the Massachusetts COVID-19 standards. READ THE PDF.

Massachusetts Workplace COVID Standards
Summary of Social Distancing and Impermeable Barriers 8/10/2020

Some of the Massachusetts COVID workplace safety standards allow the use of impermeable barriers when distancing is not feasible. This document summarizes standards that mention use of barriers.

Barriers may not obstruct fire exits, exit signs, or fire sprinklers. Fabric barriers such as curtains are not allowed due to fire hazard. Do not block HVAC air vents. Installing a barrier flush with the ceiling will interfere with HVAC ventilation and fire sprinklers. Clean and disinfect barriers regularly. READ THE PDF.

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