We are all working at growing our businesses. And for some, a way to do so is signage. You pay for it once and it keeps on working (unlike many other things in our life).

So imagine you have a beautiful tent sign and it is bringing in business. (That’s the good part. Now, the insurance man in me comes out.) You set up your sign in the morning and later that day, while you’re in a meeting, the wind picks up and whooosshhhh . . . your sign blows into the street, right in front of oncoming traffic.

A startled truck driver swerves and slams into two parked cars — a Mercedes and a Jaguar. The cars are both totaled. And if that’s not bad enough, you learn that the Mercedes belongs to the
District Attorney and the Jag to a big-time litigation lawyer. (Feeling stressed yet?)

If you have anything around your business that could fly with the wind, secure it just in case. Like Mom always said, “It’s all
fun and games until someone calls their lawyer.”

Remember: prevention is the best insurance.

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