"Making Messages Matter" is out there for ya

Messages That Matter is a new e-newsletter for walk-throughs on topics you’ll want to know about if you want your business or organization’s message to matter to more people. It’s brief, it’s focused and it’s multimedia in scope.

I hope you will take the moments required to subscribe and read Messages That Matter, anticipated to be no more frequent than monthly.


Just a few of the broad areas we’ll swoop into are:


>  Targeting and finding your niche audience and your broad audience

>  Effective web communication: visual and content

>  Web Search optimization

>  Integration of media/repurposing your media

>  Publicity (PR) methods, proven and new

>  Journalism and the News (often different)

>  Bang-for-the-buck advertising and marketing


Small bites each issue that you can chew on for a lot longer.


I am not spamming to obtain new subscribers. I hope you will opt in for a brief read once a month.


To subscribe please fill out the form here.


View the recent inaugural issue



It’s voluntary and I believe rewarding read, and I hope you will suggest topics, provide insights of your own.


Nobody has all the answers but we can find hidden nuggets if we shine a little light.



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