Having just completed a conference call with Secretary Bialecki, I wanted to provide the following update. The coast is starting to get high winds and flooding. Several roads have already been closed, and many more are anticipated. The T will be closed at 2:00 today until further notice. People across the state are strongly encouraged to get home early today and stay there. The state has many resources at the ready, and they'll be deployed as needed. If anyone learns of any particular problems as a result of this storm, please contact Alix via her cell, 774-200-4157, to let her know and she can pass it on for prioritization. The Governor and his Cabinet will be briefed at 2:00 today by the National Weather Service and then each Cabinet member. The Governor will then hold a press conference at 3:30 today for the latest update on the storm as it relates to Massachusetts. He will continue to do so periodically until the storm has passed and clean-up is attended to.

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