Among the Chamber’s many roles within the community is to be an advocate for our members; our efforts take many forms:

Voice of the Business Community

The Chamber is an active participant and partner in all of our eleven towns serving as the voice of the business community with the goal of fostering regional prosperity. We have advocated on behalf of single tax rates, planning design standards, signage by-laws, attracting colleges to the region, developing school-to-career initiatives, creation of green technologies, regionalism and more. Our objective is to foster exciting economic and community development with a new spirit of collaboration within our communities that is sensitive to the nuanced needs of each town, leveraging their unique strengths and distinct cultures.


Individual Member Advocacy with Local, State & Federal Officials

Need an advocate to stand up for you at a town board or committee meeting? Someone to make your case to our legislative delegation? The Chamber will be there for you. We routinely appear before Boards of Selectmen, Planning Boards and others in support of our member’s efforts to grow and develop their businesses. We maintain regular contact with our local Representatives and Senators, and for larger issues can involve other State and Federal officials. Just call us to discuss your particular needs, and we’ll work closely with you to help you achieve your objectives.


Letters of Recommendation

Members can count on the Chamber to write compelling letters of recommendation based on the needs of the member business and its goals.


Community Engagement

The Chamber regularly hosts meetings intended to engage and inform all members of our community. By offering topical meetings on the issues you care about, whether it is casino legislation, wind farms, small business development grants, state of the art cancer treatment centers, or tourism prospects, we believe that a well informed community is crucial to compete in today's fast-paced and continuously changing business environment.


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