Tornado Recovery Warehouse Resumes Operation

Tornado Recovery Warehouse

246 Worcester Street, Southbridge

Open Thursdays, 6-8pm or by appointment

Call 508-765-5491 (Bonnie) or 508-347-2761 (Alix) if you need access to the warehouse.


Donation Distribution

Individuals/families that were affected by the June 1st tornadoes are encouraged to stop by the warehouse to pick up non-perishable food, toiletries, paper products and more. Please be sure to bring a photo ID.

Donations Needed

If you would like to donate, the following tools/supplies are needed for continued clean-up efforts: rakes, bug spray, tarps, 8 foot folding tables, hand saws, loppers and work gloves. You are encouraged to drop off these items on Thursday, July 14, as well.

Thank you!

Thank you to Strings of Hope and for their generous donations to the warehouse. We are thrilled that our shelves are re-stocked with a variety of items for those in need.

Appreciation is extended to Faye Sweeney and Evelyn Petrelli for volunteering to man the Tornado Recovery Warehouse on Thursday, July 14.


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