Sturbridge Tourist Association: A Committee of the Town of Sturbridge
Date: 6 February 2020
To: General Public; Sturbridge Restaurants

Subject: Press Release – Sturbridge Restaurant Week

The Sturbridge Tourist Association (STA) is announcing its first ever RESTAURANT WEEK. In fact, in an effort to draw even more patrons to Sturbridge, the STA will be holding RESTAURANT WEEK over a two week period. The RESTAURANT WEEK will begin on 16 March and end on 29 March.

Now, unlike normal restaurant weeks, the STA’s RESTAURANT WEEK is not asking restaurants to create a menu based on pre-fixed prices. Rather the STA will be investing up to $3,000 in local and regional advertisements to encourage patrons to come to every Sturbridge restaurant during this two week period. This way every restaurant, regardless of their size, theme or menu, can participate. For this RESTAURANT WEEK, the STA encourages restaurants (but does not require them) to create a new special dish during this period to help give patrons new reasons to visit their establishments.

The goal of this RESTAURANT WEEK is to help highlight the many wonderful restaurants that we have here in Sturbridge and to be a boost to our local economy.

For those who have questions or comments regarding the STA’s RESTAURANT WEEK, please contact the Economic Development and Tourism Coordinator at (508) 347-2500 ext. 1411 or

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