Optim LLC celebrates 50 Year Anniversary of Optical Imaging Excellence

Optim LLC celebrates 50 Year Anniversary of Optical Imaging Excellence

Sturbridge, MA (October 6, 2020) — Optim LLC, a leading manufacturer of proprietary portable flexible endoscopes and videoscopes for use in the visual diagnosis of Ear-Nose-and-Throat (“ENT”) disorders, contraband detection equipment as well as components for the Ultrasound market, announced today the company is celebrating a major milestone with 50 years in the optical imaging industry.

Originally founded in 1970 as Applied Fiberoptics Inc., AFI was one of the first companies to produce glass fiber imaging for use in surgical device illumination. With the acquisition in 1996 of Schott Fiber Optics’ flexible endoscope division, medical and industrial endoscopes were added to the product portfolio. A name change to Optim in 1998 along with a move to Optim’s current Sturbridge location solidified the company’s offerings. In 2003, Optim received its certification as an ISO 13485 Medical Device Manufacturer.

Since its inception, Optim has developed and marketed a wide variety of visualization products including Medical Endoscopes, Industrial Borescopes, as well as OEM components for large medical device companies. In recent years the company has expanded from a fiber optic-based company to offer a range of video-based products for endoscopy and inspection.

“Optim has a long track record of innovation and customer focus,” said Doug Hughes, President & CEO. "As we enter our 51st year Optim looks forward to expanding its range of products and continuing to offer a unique set of solutions to our customer’s visualization needs.”

About Optim:
Optim LLC develops, manufactures and supports state-of-the-art endoscopy products and accessories that help medical professionals, law enforcement officers and industrial users work more effectively and efficiently. Our breakthrough, flexible endoscopes, fiberscopes, and videoscopes with integrated LED lighting enable customers to bring precision optical capabilities wherever they are needed.

Optim offers design and manufacturing expertise in fiber optic endoscopes, videoscopes, endoscope sub-assemblies and components for medical and industrial imaging applications. Leveraging our development and manufacturing experience in prototype production, product validation to final product release allows your company to focus on design requirements, product launch, marketing, and distribution.

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