March 28: 34th Annual Food Share Radiothon, Chamber Office is Drop-Off Site

Please Support the 34th Annual Food Share Radiothon, Chamber Office is Drop-Off Site

The 34th Annual Food Share Radiothon will be held from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM Thursday, March 28, 2013.  The Radiothon will be broadcast live over WESO The Spirit 970 AM and will be hosted at the radio station on Foster Street which will serve as the main collection point with other collection points in Southbridge, Sturbridge and Webster.

An appeal is being made for local church leaders, business people and organizations to get involved and/or come to the station to be interviewed on the air.

For scheduling an interview or for any further details please call Ray Fournier days at (860) 630-4478 or evenings at (508) 347-7419.

Ray Fournier

Food Share, President

The Chamber office/Visitor Info Center at 380 Main Street, Sturbridge will serve as a drop-off site for non-perishable food donations. You may bring your donation to the Chamber office from March 18-27. We will deliver to the Radiothon on March 28. Thank you for your support!

March 11, 2013

Dear Community Member,

     It’s that time of the year again, the holidays are behind us, spring will soon be here and we celebrate Easter weekend early this year as it falls in the month of March, hopefully we will have a nice warm and dry weekend.

     As usual our annual Food Share Radiothon, this year is our thirty-fourth, will be held on the Thursday before Easter, the date is March 28, 2013 and we will be broadcasting live from  6:00 AM until 6:00 PM on WESO AM Spirit 970.  This will be our ninth year back home on the Spirit and we look forward to seeing and hearing from all our friends who will stop by or call the station to join us for a few minutes.

     The Radiothon is our only fundraiser and is our primary source of income, the outcome of the Radiothon will determine how much support we will be able to give to our clients. 

The number of clients using the pantry has increased at an incredible pace over the last few years.


 Year                Families                 Adults                  Children               People

2006                  1071                       1854                      1716                    3570          

2007                  1348                       2280                      1846                    4126

2008                  1648                       2938                      2249                    5187

2009                  1751                       3203                      2230                    5433

2010                  1673                       3059                      2197                    5256

2011                  2158                       3988                      2957                    6945

2012                  2372                       4458                      2813                    7271


     In addition we gave out over 400 turkeys with all the trimmings at our annual Thanksgiving giveaway and over 100 more at Christmas for a total of well over 500 turkey meals.

     Please donate to this year’s event.  We encourage you to place a jar or bucket in the company cafeteria or employee break room, as most people would gladly donate a few dollars if just given the chance.  Perhaps you own a restaurant of some type and would like to donate but can’t, think about a donation of coffee and donuts in the morning for our workers or pizza or grinders for lunch, there are many ways to help that will make a big difference in how successful our day will be, again please call me at (508) 347-7419.

     This year, as always, we need a greater presence from the business community – if your company can make a donation, please have a representative come to the Radio station and make the presentation on the air.  You may speak about your company, and its involvement, and commitment to the community.  Trying to fill 12 hours of air time is a challenge every year; please help by spending a few minutes with us.  We welcome you any time during the Radiothon, or, should you prefer to schedule your on-air appearance, please call me at (508) 347-7419.

     On behalf of the Food Share volunteers, and myself, I would like to thank you in advance for your participation, and support.  It is only with your generosity that thousands of local families can be fed.



Ray Fournier

Food Share, President

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