Health Connector for Business

In advance of the April 1 renewal date, Health Connector for Business will implement a number of marketing, outreach and communications tools to maximize visibility and increase awareness around the new platform.

Messaging will revolve around three main principals:

  • Health Connector for Business is a cost-effective choice for employers and employees. Both employers and employees have the ability to consider lower-cost plans with similar benefits to current coverage.
  • Health Connector for Business provides flexibility to employers and employees. Employers can shop in one place for a wide variety of plans, with tools to compare plans. Employees can shop for an alternate plan through One Level or One Carrier options, giving workers at even the smallest companies options when it comes to their coverage.
  • Health Connector for Business is easy to use. Employers can quickly find support through a local broker, or handle the process themselves in a short period of time. Employees can quickly create an account and shop for a plan.

Outreach and messaging will target small business owners, particularly those in areas identified through the sales strategy, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester (with focus on key cities such as Salem, Lawrence, Lowell, Waltham, Burlington, Framingham, Natick, Worcester, Leominster and Milford), but statewide opportunities will be pursued as well, particularly in and around Boston.  

The programming will be run through four platforms: Earned media, paid media, direct outreach to businesses and organizations, and direct outreach to the broker community.

View and download the one-page flyer from the MA Health Connector for Business.

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