Chamber's New Venly Fellow and Social Media Consultant, Hannah London

CMS Chamber Welcomes New Venly Fellow and Social Media Consultant, Hannah London

The Chamber of Mass South is excited to introduce our new Venly Fellow, Hannah London. Hannah has recently completed extensive training and certification at Venly’s headquarters in Cambridge, MA. She is available now to meet with our Members to offer expert advice and coaching for their endeavors in the increasingly important realm of social media. CMS Chamber Members are encouraged to contact the Chamber to set up a free 40-minute consultation with Hannah to receive a comprehensive evaluation of their online presence and recommendations for improvement. After this person-to-person meeting by webconference, you have the option to contract Venly for ongoing reviews, maintenance and assistance with your social media strategy for one-time setup charge and a small daily fee.

“Social media has revolutionized how businesses connect to consumers” said the Chamber’s Executive Director Alexandra McNitt. “Having partnered with Venly for several years now, I can attest to how beneficial working with experts in this discipline is for our business and others.”

More about the Chamber’s new Venly Fellow, Hannah London

Born and raised in Hull, Massachusetts, Hannah attended University of Massachusetts Amherst where she graduated with a B.A. in Communication. Hannah worked her way through school in retail, restaurant, and day care center roles. From those experiences and looking forward, she developed a passion for helping local businesses. Coming from a tight-knit small town, Hannah sees the Fellowship as a chance to strengthen community connection across geographies and markets through outreach and engagement, e-commerce, web operations, and cybersecurity.

About Venly

Venly partners with area Chambers of Commerce to help local businesses grow, create jobs, and strengthen the community. Venly provides in-person training services to local business owners to get the most out of the big ten social media channels. Venly can help you create a customized social media strategy for your business. Find out more at

About the Chamber of Central Mass South

Since its inception in 1945, The Chamber of Central Mass South has been committed to improving the business climate in our service area. The Chamber’s mission is to advocate for local business, promote the success of its members and enhance regional prosperity through networking, education, and promotion. Learn more about the Chamber and how it can help grow your business at

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