Chamber Members: Free Cinemagic Theater Rental Contest

Cinemagic has a new contest open to all Member businesses of the Chamber of Central Mass South! Come up with a fun, creative use for one of the theaters at Cinemagic, Sturbridge. Send it to the email address below and your organization can win a Free Theater Rental! Winner to be announced at January's Fun at Five.

Official Rules for Contest to win “Free Theater Rental” at Sturbridge Cinemagic.

All entries must be received by 12/31/2012 (email entries to 

Your entry will be titled: If I win a Free Theater Rental from Cinemagic in Sturbridge, I would…

In the entry please tell what your business is; what your goal would be; how you would utilize the theater and how you would promote your event.

The “prize” is a free rental of one auditorium between the hours of 7:00A.M. and 12:00P.M. for one day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

This includes the use of theater projection on screen, up to 2 wireless microphones, one DVD player and the “hook-up” of your one computer for display on screen.

This does not include a movie that is currently playing.  You may play a DVD of your own movie (if you play a commercial movie that is on DVD you cannot charge admission of any kind).

The maximum number of attendees is 193.

The prize must be used by 12/31/2013.

The winner will be announced at the “Fun at 5” scheduled for January.

One winner will be chosen from all entries by a panel of judges who will evaluate each entry for what is the best and most creative use of the “prize” and whose decision is final and beyond any challenge.

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