We wanted to share with you this email from Kathy Boyer of Team Hoyt.

Dick and Rick Hoyt are fine - they were still about a mile out when the explosions happened at the finish line of the marathon.  The news footage show a guy pushing a guy near the finish when the explosion happened but that was NOT Dick and Rick.  Someone picked them up out on the course and drove them back to the hotel and then  2 of our runners walked Rick's running chair back.  His wheelchair is still in Boston so Dick had to hold Rick all the way home in the van last night.  All our charity runners and their families are safe.

Our van was parked on a side street in Boston by our hotel and we were not in the crime scene so we were able to get out and drive home last night.

I was in the bleachers across the street from the explosion with my parents, Dick's son and his family, and many family members of our charity team.  It was very scary.

Please keep all the victims and their families in your thoughts and prayers, and thank you for your concern.

Kathy Boyer - Team Hoyt Office Manager

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