200 Emergency Ops Utility Workers
Arrived in Worcester Yesterday

200 Utility Workers rolled into Worcester yesterday afternoon. They were deployed
throughout the region quickly thereafter. At that time, more than 341,000 in Massachusetts
were still without power, and vastly more than that along the eastern seaboard.

The first priority were repairs to major transition lines, which are generally out
of view, explaining the seeming absence of utility vehicles in the area. Next priorities
are to repair substations, then hospitals, senior housing, residential schools,
gas stations, grocery stores and town centers.

Power is expceted to be fully restored throughout the region by 9 pm Thursday. Many
have already been restored, and work will progress virtually house by house until
Useful Contacts

NStar:     http://www.nstar.com/residential/

National Grid:  https://www.nationalgridus.com/masselectric/index.asp
MA Telecommunications & Cable: 800-392-6066
mass.gov    http://www.mass.gov/portal/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Check with Your Insurer

Lost Productivity
If your business has experienced lost productivity, check with your insurer to see
if your business insurance coverage provides for some consideration of that loss.

Residential Losses
If you have had losses at your home such as fallen trees or spoilage of refrigerated
items, check with your insurer to see if your policy provides coverage.

Please note, the offices of the Chamber of Central Mass South are among those without
phones or internet. As such, we have limited capacity for updating you. Please bear
with us as we try to keep you informed.

Should you require immediate assistance, please contact Alix McNitt on her cell
at 774-200-4157.

Thank you!

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